Walk of Honor Bulletin Board


The Walk is accepting order for placement on the Walk by Veteran's Day Weekend, 2014. We can, however accept special orders. For instance, gifts of bricks for birthdays, other events

If you have trouble finding you honoree, please call me at 252 522 0517

Herman Mc Lawhorn, Curator

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To honor someone contact Herman Mc Lawhorn, 252 522 0517. We can supply you with a certificate to be presented to your honoree with a few days after we get the honoree's information. Our engraver asked that allow six to eight weeks to complete an order. The Veteran's day order will close by October 20, 2014.     

If your honoree does not have a picture or biography on his webpage and you would like it to be so, just mail me a picture and/or biography. You may also email both to hhmclawhorn@yahoo.com

The Walk has established a Tribute Fund. The purpose of the fund to accept memorials and to honor deserving person. The person does not have to a veteran to be honored. Memorials can be made in lieu of flowers. If you would like to honor someone or make a memorial contribution, Send a check made payable to the Walk of Honor and mail to Walk of Honor, 183 Academy Heights Road, Kinston, North Carolina 28504.

The Tribute fund will be used to add fixtures and additions to the Walk. We would like to have benches where someone can sit, as an example. The name of the person being honored of memorialized will be added to Tribute fund webpage.

Our engraver has notified me that we may add a Logo or Emblem on the 2 and 4 line bricks. Some examples are, the Service Seals, a Medal e. i. the Purple Heart, a police badge or some other item. Call 252 522 0517 for additional information. The  Walk also offers black granite bricks on request.

Please keep watching this bulletin board for new information.

   Willie Laughinghouse was inducted into the Walk of Honor's Lenoir County Veterans Hall of Fame, November 10, 2014. Previous inductees have been Marcellous "Jack" May, Eric Cantu, Ted Sampley. Ervin T. Wade and Herman H. Mc Lawhorn. The Walk is accepting nominees for the 2014 inductee to the Lenoir County Veteran's Hall of Fame . To nominate someone send a photo and a narrative of the veteran's accomplishments to Lenoir County Veteran's Hall of Fame, 183 Academy Heights Road, Kinston, NC 28504. The nominee should be a veteran of Lenoir County or was a resident during the action for that covers the nomination.