Whitfield, William

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Lisa L. Whitfield

William Whitfield III was born June 1, 1743, at Rockford, the home of his father. With his parents he moved across the Neuse to White Hall, modern Seven Springs, N. C.

            William Whitfield married (1) in 1763 Hester Williams; (2) Mrs. Sarah (Oliver) Hurst; (3) in 1792 Hephzibah Hatch (H 58); (4) in 1795 Sarah Bryan Hatch (H 103).  William Whitfield was the father of twenty-nine children, twenty-one of whom reached maturity. His eldest son, William, had raised a family and moved into his own home before the youngest, William Alexander, was born. This William died in 1904, one hundred and sixty-one years after the birth of his father. Besides so many children he was burdened with the management of thirty-six slaves as early as 1790. Withal he was a prosperous, good-spirited, citizen.

            William III and his brother Needham served in the Revolution and helped to destroy the Tories in the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge, Feb. 27, 1776. Two years later William Whitfield was appointed a justice of the peace for Dobbs County and in 1779 the governor was requested to furnish William Whitfield, “Commissary to the State Regiment, with a Warrant on the Treasury for two thousand five hundred pounds”. In 1787 William Whitfield and his son William together with Joseph Green were appointed “Directors and Trustees” for designing and building  the town of  “Wanesboro”.