Webb, Danny, Jr.

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SPC Danny Lee Webb, Jr. 



Danny Lee Webb, Jr. was born to Danny Lee Webb, Sr. and Lois Fields Hines on October 15, 1979. He is a graduate of South Lenoir High School, Deep Run, North Carolina. He married Katie Smith Webb on February 2008. They are expecting the first child in November 2009.


A Co, 120th Infantry counterattacks the enemy in Baqubah, Iraq on June 24,2004


While on patrol in Baqubah, Iraq, the third platoon of Alpha Co, 120th Infantry was ambushed by a large enemy force at dawn on June 24, 2004. This ambush signaled the start of a two day battle. Despite withering automatic weapons fire and constant pounding from rocket propelled grenades, third platoon quickly fought through the kill zone and then counterattacked several times. The platoon defeated an enemy force estimated to be company size or larger, killing many of them.

As more enemy poured into the area, first platoon and the headquarters element joined the fight and during the intense engagement, the Alpha Company Commander, CPT Cash and a Bradley gunner, SPC Desens, were mortally wounded. The company's armored vehicles were hit twenty times with anti-tank rounds. Despite the assaults from a well-trained and disciplined enemy, the Bradley Fighting Vehicles and the Alpha Company soldiers in them continued to inflict heavy losses on the enemy.

During a lull in the battle, first platoon stopped near a graveyard to reorganize and treat their wounded. During the halt they were attacked from the rear and the flank by dismounted squads and vehicles attempting to charge into the platoon's position. Despite the intense assault, first platoon stood its ground and destroyed the attackers with well-aimed fire while the aid teams continued to evacuate and treat the wounded.

Despite overwhelming odds, Alpha Company's discipline and leadership allowed them to inflict heavy losses upon the enemy time and time again. The battle continued into the next day, but the enemy was broken and unable to mount an effective offensive again in the Baqubah area for several months.

Curators Note:

CPT Cash was a high school teacher. He was from Winterville, North Carolina