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SALUTE! is a non-profit organization made up of veterans and non-veterans alike, and is open to anyone with an interest in recognizing the past and present protectors of our FREEDOM. SALUTE! is focused on promoting awareness of the FREEDOM our Great Nation has bestowed upon us, how our FREEDOM has constantly been challenged and who has paid the ultimate price by protecting our FREEDOM. Our program has no political agenda, we only want to educate our community on the history, heritage and culture of our Great Nation.


To honor our veterans with respect and dignity, celebrate their return to our community and publicly thank them for the sacrifices they have endured for our continued freedom.

December 12, 2006 marked one year since Salute! A Tribute to America's Veterans accepted ownership of the Walk of Honor. We have accomplished quite a lot this. year. We added eighty-five new bricks to the Walk. Construction of the 911 Emergency Services Memorial began in August. Despite hurricane rains, we dedicated the Memorial on September 11, 2006. There is still some work to be completed, such as the water features, additional wall, some finish work on the walkways and landscaping. The location of the 911 Emergency Services Memorial is at the Woodmen of The World flagpole, at the corner of Mitchell and Gordon Streets. This location is about midway between the original Walk, located in the Tiffany West Park and the Vietnam Memorial in Neuseway Veteran's Park.

Funds for this Memorial came from sale of bricks, some borrowed funds, and the contractor who agreed to extend the time to pay the full price of construction. You can help by buying bricks to honor someone who has served as a  member of any fire department, law enforcement agency or emergency medical agency. Of course, we will accept contributions and purchases of bricks for the military section of the Walk of Honor.

As part of the Salute! to Veterans Festival on November 4, 2006, we held the first ever dedication service for the Walk. Anyone who purchased one or more of the eighty-one new bricks was allowed to permanently place the brick on the Walk. This ceremony was such a success that we plan to make it an annual Salute! event. The date for the next ceremony has been scheduled for November 9, 2007. We would like to state that commitment was made by Salute! to the previous owner, that all funds received would be used only for maintenance and additions to the Walk of Honor.

The theme for this addition is representative of the events that took place on September 11, 2001 and the days that followed. Two water fountains depict the twin towers and those who perished during the collapse of the two buildings. The general shape is an unequal pentagon, representative of the those who perished at the Pentagon. The walkways depict the runways that launched the aircraft that were used as flying bombs that resulted in the killing of the passengers and crews. As community assets, it provides a beautiful outdoor theater for events such as weddings, concerts, moments of meditation or any other type of event that can be staged outdoors.

What are some of our plans for the future? In addition to what is ongoing, we have plans in the very near future to add a new section in the Tiffany Park area. This addition is to consist of a walkway that will connect to the concrete walk along the banks of the Neuse River. It will include two semi-circles, one on each side of the walkway. One will be dedicated exclusively to US colored troop veterans of the Civil War.

Since becoming the Walk's curator, I have been asked to consider honoring  family members of foreign born wives. As you well know, many of our veterans found love when stationed in allied countries. We have decided to honor their request by dedicating the second semi-circle to family members of these spouses. The requirement will be that the member to be honored must have served or is serving as a member of the armed forces of nations that have been allies to the United States during WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, The Gulf War or the War on Terror. We will ask that some type of  documentation of certification be presented with the request for a brick. These honoree qualifications apply only to this section of the Walk. All others are stated below.

 We still have plans to add a section to be dedicated  to the twelve Lenoir County soldiers who were killed in action during the Korean War. It will include a meditation bench and the names of the twelve KIA's. A bigger and long-term plan is to connect all three sections of the Walk, from Tiffany West Park to the Vietnam Memorial in Neuseway  Veterans Park.

The website has presented the Walk Curator with a very big challenge. Currently and ongoing, I have cataloged all the bricks on the Walk and Memorials. There are approximately 350 dedicated bricks of which over 200 are not listed on the Web site. Since acquiring the Web page in May, 2006,  I have been working to learn the process. or hiring someone to do so. I have recently found that help. So I ask you to be  patient. You should soon see new names and bio's published.

To qualify to be honored on any of the Salute! Walks or Memorials, unless otherwise stated,  the honoree must have served or currently serving as a member of the the United States Armed Forces and has been honoralbly discharged. Qualifications for the 911 Emergency Service Memorial are similar. The honoree must be or has been a member of any recognized law enforcement, fire department or emergency services organizations.

To contact us, my mailing address is, Herman H Mc Lawhorn, 183 Academy Heights Road, Kinston, North Carolina, 28504. My telephone is 252 522 0517 and my email address is Visit Salute! A Tribute  to America's Veterans  web site at for additional information.
Herman H. Mc Lawhorn, Curator and Editor.


                                                The Walk is published by Salute! A Tribute to America's Veterans Project.
                                                                                                   Heman  H. Mc Lawhorn, Editor