Army Air Force Honorees
(The Army Air Force became the Air Force in 1947)
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Ahlsen, George Sr.
Barfield, Bruce

Blizzard, Orion R.

Bradshaw, Herbert
Carey J Carey
Cullum, Edward C.
Dawson, Samuel
Heath, Mercer A.
Hood, John C.
Hoggard, Joseph Carlyle
Ingles, David
Kivett, ivey
Jeffress, John L.
Noble, Kenneth Ray
Noftsger, Max
Phillips, William E,
Quinlin. Jim F.
Robbins, Archie H
Scogin, Alfred F.,Jr.

Stroud, Robert S
Tribula, Andrew
Vause, Leonard M.
Vermillion, Bob
Vermillion, Gene
Wooten, E. Ray